Shipper Support

Posted on: July 14, 2021

1.  What are the CSV file load posting guidelines?


2.  How much does it cost to post freight to Loadboard?

3.  Why should I post my loads on Ground Freight Enterprise Loadboard?

4.  Can we integrate our postings with your system?

5.  What software, TMS, posting companies is this Loadboard integrated with?

6.  How do I email loads to the Loadboard?

7.  Can the Loadboard automatically post my loads or trucks?

8.   What is the fastest way to post multiple items?

9.   Can I look at the postings from any PC in my office or network?

10.  How many loads can I post?

11. Can you accommodate special posting requests?

12.  How does radius posting work?

13.  Can I check insurance and authority of truck drivers?

14.  Why am I not getting any calls about load postings?

15.  Is there a way to get my dispatch call at a different number?

16.  How can I view my posted Loads?

17.  How do I delete/modify a posting on Ground Freight Enterprise Loadboard?

18.  Is there any limit to the number of items I can post?

19.  How far in advance can I post on the Loadboard?

20.  How do I search for trucks?

21.  How can I match posted Loads with equipment type?

22.  I’m an LTL partial Shipper, how can I find LTL load capacity the Loadboard?

23.  Must I include the payment rate when posting a load?

24. Do companies have one click access to all of my loads?

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