The Ground Freight Enterprise Story

Building a community, revolutionizing an industry

Ground Freight is America’s fastest growing platform for the trucking industry, providing navigational assistance and freight matching.

Regarded as America’s most popular app for truckers, the Ground Freight app is a trip planning companion for truck drivers, enabling a large community of drivers to help update the real-time status of places on their route. It helps truckers find truck stops, available parking, rest areas, open/closed weigh stations, and much more. This ultimately accommodates trucker’s by reducing the frustrations of navigating to and from destinations as well as avoiding truck driver’s fatigue.

Expanding on the success of Ground Freight, the company introduced Truckloads. Truckloads is aimed at helping brokers connect with carriers in their own private network.

Ground Freight and Truckloads are recognized by shippers and manufacturers, major logistics companies, and truckers themselves as the company bringing latest technology into the transportation industry.


To be the be the leading logistics team that speaks and moves volumes when it comes to expediting freight on a network that leaves out the inability to be productive in the transportation industry.


Ground Freight sole purpose is to make freight transportation simple, effective, and rewarding by bringing the most advanced technology to its community.
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