1.  What are the CSV file load posting guidelines?


2.  How much does it cost to post freight to Loadboard?

3.  Why should I post my loads on Ground Freight Enterprise Loadboard?

4.  Can we integrate our postings with your system?

5.  What software, TMS, posting companies is this Loadboard integrated with?

6.  How do I email loads to the Loadboard?

7.  Can the Loadboard automatically post my loads or trucks?

8.   What is the fastest way to post multiple items?

9.   Can I look at the postings from any PC in my office or network?

10.  How many loads can I post?

11. Can you accommodate special posting requests?

12.  How does radius posting work?

13.  Can I check insurance and authority of truck drivers?

14.  Why am I not getting any calls about load postings?

15.  Is there a way to get my dispatch call at a different number?

16.  How can I view my posted Loads?

17.  How do I delete/modify a posting on Ground Freight Enterprise Loadboard?

18.  Is there any limit to the number of items I can post?

19.  How far in advance can I post on the Loadboard?

20.  How do I search for trucks?

21.  How can I match posted Loads with equipment type?

22.  I’m an LTL partial Shipper, how can I find LTL load capacity the Loadboard?

23.  Must I include the payment rate when posting a load?

24. Do companies have one click access to all of my loads?

1. How do I search for loads?

2. What are the steps to haul a truckload?

3. How current is the load and truck information on your site?

4. How do I find Hotshot, Cargo Van, Straight Truck and LTL loads?

5. What does LTL and TL abbreviations stand for?

6. How do I find a Van, Reefer and Flatbed loads?

7. Who pays the freight bill if I accept a truck load?

8. How much are truck loads paid per mile?

9. What types of companies post loads on your site?

10. What equipment type abbreviations (trailer types) are used on your site?

11. I am only searching for full loads, why do partial truckloads keep showing up?

12. Is there a maximum number of search results that I get?

13. How do you tell the difference between broker and shipper loads on your site?

14. Why is it that when I repeat a search some of the load postings are missing the second time around?

15. How many States can I select when doing a load search?

16. When posting multiple trucks, what are the steps used?

17. How do I print or email load and truck posting information?

18. How do I contact companies posting loads on the Loadboard?

19. What if I move a truck load and don’t get paid?

20. Can I change the way results are sorted?

21. Can I sort searches by a specific date?

22. Where does “Call details” show if I select a available load?

23. How does the “Truck Type” field work?

24. Why do I get different mileage from different sources for the same starting and destination points?

25. Do you provide mileage calculators and routing/mapping/directions?

26. What are deadhead miles?

27. What is radius miles?

28. How is radius mileage calculated?

29. How do radius searches work?

1. How do I sign up to your load board?

2. How long does it take to sign up to your load board?

3. Do you offer a free load board trial?

4. How much does it cost to use Ground Freight Enterprise Loadboard?

5. Will theLoadboardcharge a fee per transaction?

6. What is the difference between membership plans?

7. How to start a Hot Shot Trucking Company (Hotshot)?

8. How do I find truck shipping freight rates?

9. How to find available truck freight online?

10. How do I find available loads online?

11. What is a load board, also known as a freight marketplace?

12. What is a freight truck?

13. What is a freight matching website?

14. How to start freight matching?

15. What is operating authority?

16. What types of authority are there?

17. What is an MC Number (Docket #)?

18. What is a USDOT Number?

19. How much does it cost to get operating authority?

20. How much can it cost me if I operate without authority?

21. What do I need to do to get operating authority?

22. Do I need experience in trucking or moving to use your load board?

23. Do I need trucking insurance?

24. Why should I choose DOTAuthority.com to prepare and file my application for operating authority?

25. What is a Transportation Practitioner and why should I hire one?

26. What is a Process Agent?

27. What happens after I get my operating authority?

28. How long will this whole authority process take?

1. How do I log into my account on Ground Freight Enterprise Loadboard?

2. I forgot my password. What do I do?

3. Why do I have login problems ?

4. How do I change my username and/or password?

5. How do I activate my account?

6. Why do you need email address verification?

7. I didn’t receive the verification email, what do I do?

8. Why does the verification code not work?

9. Can several people use my same account?

10. How do I add additional user(s) on the same account?

11. How do I delete/edit an added user?

12. How do I edit my account information?

13. Why is my account no longer active?

14. If I don’t use my account, will it automatically end?

15. How can I change my membership plan or unsubscribe?

16. How do I put my account on hold?

17. How do I upgrade or downgrade my membership?

18. Is there a cost in upgrading my membership plan?

1. Do I have to sign a long-term contract to use your services?

2. Is it safe to put my billing information online?

3. Are there any additional charges or hidden fees?

4. Are there any fees to downgrade or unsubscribe?

5. How can I make payment for 123Loadboard services?

6. Why do I need to supply my billing information for the free trial?

7. Why did I get charged during my free trial period?

8. Why did I get charged after my free trial?

9. How can I change credit card information on my account?

10. Why do you ask for my Card Security Code?

11. Where do I find my Credit Card Security Code?

12. Why was my credit/debit card payment declined?

13. What do I do if my credit/debit card payment is declined?

14. How can I pay membership fees by check?

15. Will I receive a receipt in the mail each month?

1. What is factoring?

2. What is a factoring company?

3. How does factoring differ from bank funding?

4. Why factor loads?

5. Who factors Ground Freight Enterprise Loadboard’s posted loads?

6. How long does it take to sign up for factoring?

7. Can factoring programs co-exist with existing bank funding?

8. Do customers object to their invoices being factored?

9. Do I have to be an established business to factor?

10. Do I have to be presently operating profitably to factor?

11. How do I start factoring loads on 123Loadboard.com?

12. How does factoring affect my relationship with my customers?

13. How does FactoringCompanies establish their fees?

14. How is load factoring beneficial to my company?

15. What happens when a customer cannot pay?

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