Carrier Support

Posted on: July 14, 2021

1. How do I search for loads?

2. What are the steps to haul a truckload?

3. How current is the load and truck information on your site?

4. How do I find Hotshot, Cargo Van, Straight Truck and LTL loads?

5. What does LTL and TL abbreviations stand for?

6. How do I find a Van, Reefer and Flatbed loads?

7. Who pays the freight bill if I accept a truck load?

8. How much are truck loads paid per mile?

9. What types of companies post loads on your site?

10. What equipment type abbreviations (trailer types) are used on your site?

11. I am only searching for full loads, why do partial truckloads keep showing up?

12. Is there a maximum number of search results that I get?

13. How do you tell the difference between broker and shipper loads on your site?

14. Why is it that when I repeat a search some of the load postings are missing the second time around?

15. How many States can I select when doing a load search?

16. When posting multiple trucks, what are the steps used?

17. How do I print or email load and truck posting information?

18. How do I contact companies posting loads on the Loadboard?

19. What if I move a truck load and don’t get paid?

20. Can I change the way results are sorted?

21. Can I sort searches by a specific date?

22. Where does “Call details” show if I select a available load?

23. How does the “Truck Type” field work?

24. Why do I get different mileage from different sources for the same starting and destination points?

25. Do you provide mileage calculators and routing/mapping/directions?

26. What are deadhead miles?

27. What is radius miles?

28. How is radius mileage calculated?

29. How do radius searches work?

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